I've been itching to start a Mexchic blog for a while now, a simple little free-form terribly written plaything that would allow me to do personal research and deep-dives into Mexico, its people and its culture. Suppose there is no time better than a few months in Covid-19 quarantine to kick this off ....

In keeping Mexico as the common thread, I am going to interview my talented artisan friends, my chef and mixologist friends my designer and artist friends and within all of these fields, I'm desperate to talk about process, sustainability, tradition, indigenous communities, copyrights. I want to discuss how I as a female run/small businesses owner can make improvements to my own business for a better, cleaner and more respectful world. I also want to talk about the food, the alcohol and the art and architecture of Mexico, dreaming about all of my favorite things. I also just really want a place where I can link to great articles from other sources about all of these same extremely fascinating topics!

Bienvenidos and hola hola :) 

xo, Christina 

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