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Ethics in manufacturing

Being in quarantine has given the entire world, and especially every business owner a much needed moment to pause and reflect upon what truly is essential to live with. Clothing of course is an essential, but how much and what kind of clothing does one really need to move through life? At what cost does a closet full of fast fashion and luxury handbags come to the planet and humanity as a whole?

I want to begin The Conversation with discussing the slippery slope of ethics in fashion. What kinds of ethics are implemented in fashion companies, large and small, how ethics is used as a marketing ploy, similar to that of “Greenwashing“ but also how truly ethical practices in business can hugely benefit a company and the lives of its employees and surrounding communities. 

Keeping production costs low and profits high through producing and selling as much as possible is #goals for a typical fashion business. But all of this low cost and excessive production, comes at a high cost, not only to …

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