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Cotton and Human Rights abuses in China

Cotton has never-ending controversies.... I’ve been digging deep over the last few months into cotton learning about it’s history, where it comes from, how its grown, how to use it in a non industrial, traditional manner and the deeper I dig, the darker the room becomes.... omg so much hidden in the shadows. So much green washing and very little regulation. 
In Mexico for example, there is not an official system in place to regulating organic cotton. So essentially anyone can say anything about what is bring grown. There is not a system for many reasons, corruption being a primary one. 
Indigenous histories, cultures and peoples dependent on this almost decimated native crop which has existed for at least 7,000 years, have been abused for centuries and only recently has this native cotton found a revival in interest and slowly being recognized once again for what it is... a glorious magical native fiber. the indigenous peoples of Mexico need access to this heritage like the native corn …

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